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                                                     Studio News - August 2020                    




PRACTICE THOUGHT FOR SUMMER BREAK : How to keep up with practicing when you can’t have a lesson: We’re in extraordinary times these days, and not able to have lessons in person. Without having a lesson, practicing can get a bit stale. Here are some ideas for practicing when you can’t have a lesson:
- Change your practice routine: After warming up, work on your pieces in a different order each day.
- Play at least one Piano Friend at each practice session.
- Try picking up a new piece to figure out on your own - also known as YOYOs (You’re On Your Own), or go farther on a piece you have started.
Remember, you can also schedule online  lessons with Miss Shelley!

SUMMER BREAK                                

Online lessons are available by request through August. We can use Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, WebEx, or any other app which may work for you. Please let Miss Shelley know your preferred app for this purpose.                                                    

Lessons will be scheduled upon request and invoiced at $25 for a single half-hour lesson. Invoices will be sent at the end of the month, showing lessons that occurred during the month.                                

In early August, Miss Shelley will be traveling to Baltimore to care for her grandson since child care options during the pandemic are limited. Online lessons will still be available during this time.              

School year lessons will begin in September. For the time being, they will continue to be held online. Please let Miss Shelley know your intentions for this school year. The Studio Policy is available for download here. Since the future of our schedules and healthcare is still uncertain, we will have lessons on an on-demand basis only. The rate for each 30-minute lesson will be $25. Invoices will be sent at the end of the month, showing lessons that occurred during the month.

A scheduling survey has been sent out. Fill this out as best you can, indicating your plans. If we need to schedule lessons on a more flexible basis, we can certainly do so. Please consider, though, that the best progress will be made with a weekly lesson schedule.


POINTS FOR PRIZES                                    

THIS PROGRAM IS SUSPENDED UNTIL WE CAN ONCE AGAIN MEET IN PERSON.                                                                                                
Students earn points for the following tasks. $1 in Music Money will be given for each 20 points earned. Once $5 in Music Money is collected, a gift card of the student's choice will be given out (Amazon, Target, or Graeter's). At the end of the school year, any extra "dollars" can be used to "purchase" gifts at the appropriate amount.
One point each for:
-Lesson attendance
-Binder and all books brought to the lesson
-Assignment sheet filled out and signed by parent or student.
-Practiced entire assignment at least 4 days in a week
-Theory work completed


                                                     BONUS POINTS:
- Practiced entire assignment 7 days in a week
- Research assignment completed
- Attended a Group Class
- Performed in a public event
- Attended a professional concert – bring the program and tell Miss Shelley about it!
- Learned a new song on your own – it need not be perfect, but it must be fluent!
- Transposed a piece on your own
- Started a new level