Rose Hill Music Studio

Studio News - December 2019


Mindful practice: What do you think about when you practice? Do you even know what you think about? It’s very important when practicing to focus on your playing and listen to the music you are making. It’s hard to fix mistakes and keep the music flowing if your mind is somewhere else!

As we enter cold and flu season, please take a moment to review the studio attendance policy.
- “Missed lessons are inevitable and have been accounted for in the monthly fees.”
- “No credits or refunds are given for missed lessons unless Miss Shelley must cancel.”
- “Students who must miss a lesson may swap times with another student or with an open time on the calendar.”
If your child must miss a lesson, please swap to another time within a couple of weeks of the missed lesson to avoid confusion.

No lessons are scheduled for December 24-January 3. Lessons resume on January 7, 2020.

Students earn points for the following tasks. $1 in Music Money will be given for each 20 points earned. Once $5 in Music Money is collected, a gift card of the student's choice will be given out (Amazon, Target, or Graeter's). At the end of the school year, any extra "dollars" can be used to "purchase" gifts at the appropriate amount. 
One point each for: 
-Lesson attendance 
-Binder and all books brought to the lesson 
-Assignment sheet filled out and signed by parent or student. 
-Practiced entire assignment at least 4 days in a week 
-Theory work completed

- Practiced entire assignment 7 days in a week 
- Research assignment completed 
- Attended a Group Class 
- Performed in a public event 
- Attended a professional concert – bring the program and tell Miss Shelley about it! 
- Learned a new song on your own – it need not be perfect, but it must be fluent! 
- Transposed a piece on your own 
- Started a new level